Woman And Children’s Alliance Charity Challenge


Hey Dream Bodies and friends!

Dream Body is hosting a fitness contest to raise money for the Women’s Children’s Alliance of Idaho on April 4th at 10:30am.

The contest is bench pressing and dead lifting for reps.

Each contestant (YOU) will be actively seeking monetary donations for each rep they perform during the contest at $1-$5-$10 per rep!

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Our Vision:

We believe that strength, self-care, personal responsibility, and perseverance build a more confident community and we provide an atmosphere of joviality, friendship, and inspiration to accomplish this.

We also believe that a strong, confident woman can do more to shape the future of our communities than anyone in the world. We believe strong confident men are the backbone of support and catalysts for a thriving lifestyle and community.

We believe the road to success lies solely within ourselves but being open and building relationships of support make that road much more manageable and enjoyable.

We do not judge, we strive for personal freedom, and we will never stop.

We build confidence and friendships within the community through strength and perseverance.


Contact Us:

Dream Body Fitness
1756 W Cherry Ln. Suite 110-120
Meridian, Id 83642
(208) 258-7631

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