Dream Body is a business with CAUSE and VISION that puts people above profits and transactions to more greatly impact the community in positive and constructive ways! Give a hand up, not a hand out!

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Group Fitness High Intensity Resistance & Strength Training

Dream Body Fitness LLC


Meridian’s friendliest place to get strong, lean, and confident!


Group and Personal Training for metabolic conditioning, physical strength, and personal confidence. Through friendship and support allowing you to overcome living life as a victim and challenging you to take personal responsibility for your health and body.


To expand our unique group fitness experience and friendship to no less than 1,000 people within Meridian Idaho and provide more effective fitness training services than any gym in the Treasure Valley!


By increasing the personal and body image confidence of our members through friendship and perseverance and a one of a kind group fitness experience that makes group fitness personal.

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  • 60+ Classes Weekly
  • All Fitness Levels Welcome
  • THE BEST gym atmosphere in Meridian Idaho
  • THE BEST Results in Meridian Idaho
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What’s up guys?

Do you like what Dream Body has to offer but are a little intimidated by the workouts or working with a group of strangers? This is a common feeling and perfectly natural but I want to tell you that there is no other gym that will welcome ALL (especially those in need of some confidence) like we do. We want the chance to show you what a supportive yet off the wall fun fitness experience can do for you.

We are the hardest working gym in the valley with hardcore workouts but we are also the best place to make a workout fun, make friends, and belong to something meaningful. A Tribe of your own. We don’t follow the norms when it comes to conduct. You can say what you want, be weird, vulgar, and crazy, and no one judges your fitness level or expects anything from you with the exception of your responsibility to your self to be the best version of YOU! We build confidence and friendship within the community through strength and perseverance.

Be different, be you. Come check us out

3 Different Class Types To Choose From:

We are masters at group fitness training and have created an atmosphere that can’t be beat with the results to back it up! Specializing in 3 major areas:


High intensity resistance training focusing on high speed back to back functional exercises including; weight training, plyometrics, cardio intensive body weight training, and sprinting.

Battle Ready

A completely unique approach to cardio-kickboxing and mixed martial arts fitness. Learn street worthy self-defense while getting the best cardio fitness experience of your life, and you get to punch things too!


A power lifting program for building incredible strength and physique for nearly ALL levels of fitness.

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Our Vision:

We believe that strength, self-care, personal responsibility, and perseverance build a more confident community and we provide an atmosphere of joviality, friendship, and inspiration to accomplish this.

We also believe that a strong, confident woman can do more to shape the future of our communities than anyone in the world. We believe strong confident men are the backbone of support and catalysts for a thriving lifestyle and community.

We believe the road to success lies solely within ourselves but being open and building relationships of support make that road much more manageable and enjoyable.

We do not judge, we strive for personal freedom, and we will never stop.

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