Dream Body H.I.R.T. Center

We are high intensity resistance training

About Us


We are NOT a CrossFit gym, we are NOT a bootcamp, we are NOT a fat loss gym, we are NOT a strength gym.

We ARE a lifestyle gym  training groups of amazing people and if you are ready to change yours with support and friendships

We are YOUR gym.

Dream Body Fitness

We develop the strongest women on the planet; empowering a new future of confidence, personal responsibility, & freedom to feel accepted. 


I really started my gym because of the inferiority I felt being small and helpless when growing up in an abusive home. I have been searching for a way to express this so people know we are not just another “fat loss’ “crossfit”, or “strength” gym.

We are so much more. I wanted to help people feel empowered and confident and learn to take full responsibility for their health and life FOREVER.

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Due to the predominance of wonderful women in our gym and watching them grow tremendously strong and confident, never afraid to work beside a man and usually in this gym out performing him we focus on developing TRUE strength in women. Physical, Mental, Emotional, and imply a sense of personal responsibility that it is HER work that gets the results our wonderful trainers are here to guide and encourage them!


So when someone asks “What is Dream Body Fitness? You can say “That’s where bad ass women go to become, strong and confident with real men who can handle it and together we can change the world!”



-Chris Barnett, Owner



1756 W Cherry Lane Suite 110-120
Meridian Idaho, 83642