Dream Body H.I.R.T. Center

We are high intensity resistance training

About Us



I wanted to start a gym where victims & underdogs could be empowered, belong, and fight back. There truly is no such thing as a victim, there have been those who have been victimized but being a victim is a state of mind, we know because we’ve been there. Once you realize you are solely responsible for yourself you can’t blame others when it doesn’t go your way and its up to you to take control! I believe we are beings of ultimate power fully responsible for our own lives and the choice to change it when we are no longer happy with it. I founded Dream Body because of my past abuse and perseverance over what comes with it, strength training changed my life and gave me the confidence to really look at myself and ask “is this who I really want to be, is this what I am meant for?”. This is where you find the confidence to fight back, find your self, and take control! Strength, Perseverance, Confidence, Accountability, & Friendship, we offer you that.

Are you ready to stop the blame game, take control, and live the life you were meant to? If you are we are here.

-Chris Barnett, Owner


943 W Overland Rd
Meridian Idaho, 83642