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With an emphasis on developing strength for women we also train men and teens 16 and up. We understand that everyone is at a different fitness level but we do expect you to destroy your boundaries, not push them but utterly annihilate them. We come from the hardest knocks of life so excuses are foreign to us. Sure we will listen but don’t expect much sympathy, everyone has “this or that” just do YOUR best and don’t make excuses, personal responsibility is our highest principle. Strength and confidence helped us through dark times and we understand how to help you deal with your possible “dark times” with physical training that leaves the mind blank and your heart determined, with support that feels like family is around you, and friendships that are real. We are not here to get you started or to temporarily get you in shape for some event, we want you to join us for as long as we exist. We expect you to push yourself to become the maximum potential of your physical and mental fortitude. On the surface it is fun and jovial but make no mistake, when it comes time to do work, you will find a desire to be your best here!



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-Chris Barnett, Owner



1756 W Cherry Lane Suite 110-120
Meridian Idaho, 83642