Did You Make Some New Year’s Resolutions?

We're FOUR days into 2019!  Did you make any New Year's resolutions?  If you did - how is that going?  If you've already realized the goals you made aren't working - or if you've fallen off the wagon already - please keep reading. If you didn't make any New Year's resolutions - please reconsider, but [...]

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Take a Cruise and Maintain (or Improve) Your Great Physique

The view from our cruise ship balcony in Nassau. Everyone likes to run away once in awhile, and cruising has become a very popular and affordable way to vacation.  Shawn and I just enjoyed a Caribbean cruise, and as we prepared to go, I realized I think differently than most people when they [...]

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Shawn Finally Cheats

You may remember that on January 1st, my husband Shawn stopped eating processed sugar.  Shawn likes healthy food, and eats pretty well most of the time - and, like most people, has a treat or "cheats" occasionally. Over the last couple of years though - that “occasional” treat increased in frequency and soda became a [...]

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No Processed Sugar in 2017, Update

Would you like to know how Shawn’s NO Processed Sugar for 2017 plan is going?  Beautifully.  He has successfully navigated through some tricky and tempting situations, including guests in our home bearing chocolate and ice cream (that’s his kryptonite)! He has emerged unscathed and is becoming more svelte by the day. This is hard [...]

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My Husband Gives up Sugar! What?

My husband, Shawn, is giving up sugar this year.  People who know him (like me!) are impressed and maybe even a little skeptical.  But let me be a little more clear: He’s abstaining from processed sugar all year, except on specific, pre-determined dates. Natural sugars are okay, but limited. I know that some of you [...]

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YOU Need Yoga in Your Life

Warrior I I made fun of yoga for about fifteen years.  I believed that to take an exercise seriously, it had to involve jumping around and weights.  (I was an aerobics instructor when I was 19-years old!)  Yoga, clearly did not do that.  Therefore - it couldn't be a serious exercise and not worthy [...]

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A Healthy Halloween Plan to Keep You From Binging

I love holidays (and yes, I consider Halloween a holiday), but I used to live in fear of any food-related celebration.  You know what I mean - you’re going along doing really well with healthy eating and exercise.  You might be near or at your goal (I call it my “state of perfection”).  Then BAM,  a [...]

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Exercise Prevents Cancer? Better Schedule Gym Time!

Why Do You Exercise? I exercise because I want to stay healthy.  Yes, I also appreciate being able to fit into the pants I like, and not panicking when someone invites me to a pool party - but the bigger reason for me, is to avoid the diabetes and heart disease that are prevalent in [...]

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Camping Healthy

Camping in the Sawtooth Mountain Range. Our family campout was last week, and it was great!  The preparation however, used to really stress me out because when my extended family gets together, it often turns into an eating frenzy.  That’s hard for me because I used to feel I only had two choices: [...]

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Healthy Kids this Summer

So many of my friends are already frustrated with their kids’ lack of motivation during summer break.  All they want to do (according to neighborhood parents) is sit on their behinds while focusing on a tv/iPad/video game.  I’m sure this is common.  It seems to be especially hard for the moms who are working full [...]

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