Did You Make Some New Year’s Resolutions?

We're FOUR days into 2019!  Did you make any New Year's resolutions?  If you did - how is that going?  If you've already realized the goals you made aren't working - or if you've fallen off the wagon already - please keep reading. If you didn't make any New Year's resolutions - please reconsider, but [...]

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Protein Pancake for Second Breakfast

I go through breakfast phases. Every day I have a protein-spinach smoothie after my workout, then have “Second Breakfast” about an hour after that.  By that time, I’m ready for more protein and some carbs to get me through till lunchtime.  Currently, this protein pancake is my favorite choice for “Second Breakfast” because it’s super [...]

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Take a Cruise and Maintain (or Improve) Your Great Physique

The view from our cruise ship balcony in Nassau. Everyone likes to run away once in awhile, and cruising has become a very popular and affordable way to vacation.  Shawn and I just enjoyed a Caribbean cruise, and as we prepared to go, I realized I think differently than most people when they [...]

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Your New Year

Adding more produce to your diet is ALWAYS a good idea. Did you make any New Year's resolutions?  If you did - take another look at them to be sure they're a good idea.  If you didn't - reconsider, but read this first so you'll have success! Only about 8% of people who [...]

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Work to Failure and Beet Cupcakes

Failure can be a good thing.  In the gym, we do reps to failure because that builds strength. Because we work until we fail - we succeed. My daughter McKenna and I doing yoga on Mother's Day. This is something I did with the kiddos when they were little, but now the roles are [...]

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How to Organize Your Move and Still Eat Clean

We’ve just officially become “empty nesters”, which is an even mix of sad and thrilling.  Having our family home up for sale was the next logical step because we no longer wanted or needed a big house and yard to take care of. It got real when a buyer showed interest early in February, and [...]

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No Processed Sugar in 2017, Update

Would you like to know how Shawn’s NO Processed Sugar for 2017 plan is going?  Beautifully.  He has successfully navigated through some tricky and tempting situations, including guests in our home bearing chocolate and ice cream (that’s his kryptonite)! He has emerged unscathed and is becoming more svelte by the day. This is hard [...]

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My Husband Gives up Sugar! What?

My husband, Shawn, is giving up sugar this year.  People who know him (like me!) are impressed and maybe even a little skeptical.  But let me be a little more clear: He’s abstaining from processed sugar all year, except on specific, pre-determined dates. Natural sugars are okay, but limited. I know that some of you [...]

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Be the Grinch this Christmas

I like to root for the underdog, and from a very young age - that’s how I saw the Grinch.  Most of my grade school friends labeled him as the bad guy, and I had to admit he started out acting like a punk.  However, my childish mind always wondered how he came to live [...]

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How to Make Your Perfect Plan for a Healthy Holiday Season

I know there are certain things you’re going to eat this year between now and New Year’s Day.  Everybody has their favorite holiday foods and treats, and no amount of willpower or dedication is going to keep you from them.  It’s not weird or wrong that you look forward to it, and it’s part of [...]

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