Looking for a red, white and blue healthy treat to enjoy on Independence Day?  Yeah, me too.  Since I absolutely love the fruit that’s in season right now, I’ve been looking at recipes for cobblers, pies, tarts, buckles, crisps and frozen things that feature gorgeous and delicious summer fruits.  The problem with all of them, is that they ALL contain sugar.  You can call it honey, agave or fructose, or buy organic coconut sugar or monkfruit sugar – but that’s all sugar and your liver doesn’t know the difference.

Doesn’t the seasonal fruit that you put into the dessert ALSO contain lots of sugar?  Well, yes actually.  That is precisely why I don’t want to add more to it.  I don’t usually eat lots and lots of fruit, so having more than one serving on a holiday is a treat.

So if you are using Independence Day as a cheat day – then by all means splurge on whatever it is you really want!  I will not judge. I have had my share of homemade baked goodies on holidays without shame, but right now – I just want something yummy without having to rid myself of the sugar demon afterward.

If you want to stay somewhat close to the proverbial wagon, then just enjoy the fruit.  Yep.  By itself.  You don’t need to add any sweetener to cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or watermelon, and while they all contain natural sugars, they also contain awesome nutrients and fiber to fill you up. 

Here are a few ideas if you feel like you need to “fancy up” fruit:

  • Enjoy blueberries and raspberries atop plain greek yogurt. (Red, white and blue Yo!)  If you need a little sweetener on the plain yogurt, add a packet of stevia.



  • Eat fresh cherries with teeny dabs of goat cheese.


  • Make a flag out of sliced bananas and strawberries arranged in horizontal “stripes”.  Add blueberries to the upper left corner as the “union”.


  • Cut slices of watermelon into star shapes with a cookie cutter.  You don’t have to cut all the pieces into star shapes, just do enough for the top layer and it will have a nice effect.


Or just eat a whole watermelon all by yourself.  I think that’s my plan.

Please remember that if you have adorable kiddos, the way you eat on every holiday leaves an impression in their brains.  Do you really want to teach them that every holiday is about food? If that’s the way you were raised (me too!), then consider declaring YOUR independence and making holidays about people you love and spending time together.

Happy Independence Day

Roslyn Graham