I love peanut butter. I eat it straight from the jar and add it to all sorts of things.  Sadly though – some people have an allergic reaction to any form of peanuts, so I dedicate this blog to them because Almond Butter solves all peanut butter allergy problems!

Yes, you can buy almond butter in the store, but it’s expensive!  Making your own is cheaper, tastes great, and it keeps just fine in the refrigerator.

Almond butter is made with ONE ingredient: Almonds.  That’s it.  No preservatives, sweeteners, or additives.  Just yumminess.

You can use almond butter in all the same ways as peanut butter – on sandwiches, apples and bananas, or as a healthy ingredient in these delicious and healthy treats:

Cocoa Energy Balls  (click here for that recipe)

Here’s how to make your own Almond Butter!

  • Measure 3 C of raw almonds
  • Toss them into your food processor
  • Turn on and watch the magic happen!

In a couple of minutes, you’ll have finely ground nuts (aka almond flour):  

In about 12 minutes the bottom will start to clot together.  This is a good time to scrape down the sides every few minutes:

In 20 minutes, it will start to ball up:

In 25 minutes, it’ll be really thick, and starting to get smooth:

It takes my Cuisinart about 30 minutes to get to the perfect smooth and creamy consistency!

Want to make it in less time?  Try this easy tip:

Put the 3 C of Almonds on a baking sheet and pop into an oven heated to 250 degrees for about 5 minutes.  Warming the almonds up,  takes at least 10 minutes off processing time.  Why?  I DO NOT KNOW!

I do know that I warm up to my husband a lot faster when I’M warm – so maybe it’s just a universal truth!

Roslyn Graham