Each year on Mother’s Day, the women in our congregation at church receive a nice token of appreciation.  It’s often chocolate – but sometimes is a potted plant or cut flowers.  This year it will be chocolates.  I am NOT against chocolate, however I often feel like every holiday or day of appreciation turns into a chocolate-fest, and I do have a problem with that.

This is the original Team Graham before anyone officially grew up, got married and moved away. I’ll get to talk to all of them on Mother’s Day!

Why?  Because we have a hard time setting limits on special occasions.  On any other Sunday, most women who are trying to be more healthy, or lose a few pounds, or are just trying to eat clean would say “No, thank you” to a sugary offering.  Somehow on Mother’s Day and Christmas and Easter, and Halloween, and Valentine’s Day…and Arbor Day and President’s Day, etc – it seems rude to say no.

Several of the women in my congregation have already told me they’re stressed because they know they’ll eat whatever treat is offered, and then feel guilt, shame and regret later.  I’m going to offer them an alternative.

Put some hummus in a cup and top with fresh veggies.

For the last part of our church meeting, all the women meet together (without the men and kiddos).  In THAT meeting, I’m handing out cups of hummus with vegetables, and bottles of water.  That way, they can certainly still eat their chocolates – and also have another option that they can choose in addition to, or instead of the processed sugar.

Pretty simple, a nice protein and veggie pick-me-up that will hold them over till Mother’s Day lunch or dinner, and no regret.

Hummus is really easy to make (I’m making about 100 servings).  If you’d like my simple and authentic recipe, click here!

Dress this up however you like – I’m adding grape tomatoes, carrots and snap peas – then topping each cup with a few organic corn chips.

This time of year offers lots of opportunities for this easy treat – Baby or Wedding showers, graduation parties, and don’t forget all those healthy guys on Father’s Day next month.

I wish you a healthy Mother’s Day!

Roslyn Graham


Hummus is super easy to make in your food processor.